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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene is far more than attaching a sampling pump or a badge to an employee.

Manufacturers, biotech businesses, healthcare facilities, construction companies and engineering firms know they can count on us to identify, quantify and control problems. Many companies consider us their de facto health and safety department. Others partner us with their in-house experts to train staff, evaluate the risks of introducing new processes and chemicals into the workplace, address exposures, comply with regulatory requirements, and establish proactive plans to prevent future liabilities.

In addition, our extensive OSHA background makes Bessa the best choice for businesses as they prepare for inspection, respond to a citation, or contend with an OSHA complaint. With our help, many businesses have avoided citations or dramatically reduced fines while improving the health and safety of their employees.


Exposure Monitoring. To get an accurate assessment of employee exposure, it’s critical to know when, where and what chemicals to sample. Our experience enables us to analyze Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other information to develop sampling strategies to protect your employees, comply with OSHA requirements, and withstand legal scrutiny. All findings are interpreted in a detailed confidential report that documents environmental conditions and other variables during the sampling period, making the results meaningful in future dealings with OSHA, workers’ comp investigations or litigation.

Qualitative Risk Assessment and Control Banding. We can help your company identify its greatest vulnerabilities and prioritize health and safety projects using a process that numerically rates chemicals of concern. Exposure limits, engineering controls and other key factors are used to assign each substance a "Risk Code,” which is used to prioritize substances for quantitative assessment via exposure monitoring.

Control banding is a version of qualitative risk assessment that utilizes knowledge of contaminant characteristics to manage exposure risk without need for air sampling – putting money into controls rather than measuring exposure. This may be the only option when an occupational exposure limit has not been established and a sampling and analytical method has not been validated. Qualitative Risk Assessment and Control Banding works especially well for laboratories where numerous chemicals are used and exposure monitoring is neither practical nor necessary.

Hazard Communication Programs. Deficiencies related to Hazard Communication make the OSHA Top 10 list of citations every year. We can help you design and implement a program that meets OSHA requirements while accomplishing the most important goal of the program: keeping employees safe while working with hazardous chemicals. Our services include completing a chemical inventory, collecting and organizing Safety Data Sheets, and conducting training specific to your facility.

Respiratory Protection Programs. Breathe easy knowing Bessa can help you establish and administer an effective, OSHA-compliant respiratory protection program. Our services include selection of the correct respirator, filter and cartridge; qualitative and quantitative fit testing, training and cartridge use schedules.

Noise Monitoring and Hearing Conservation Programs. If you have to raise your voice to be heard three feet away, you likely need a Hearing Conservation Program. We support you with program administration, noise monitoring, audiometric testing assistance, training, and audits to ensure OSHA compliance.

Dermatitis Investigations. Bessa brings extensive healthcare knowledge and a methodical approach to these challenging investigations – utilizing document and job task reviews, employee and physician interviews, and systematic consideration of all potential sources to generate recommendations and inform employee training.

Make industrial hygiene highly effective, efficient and affordable with guidance from Bessa. Send us a message or call 608-831-8004 to explore the possibilities.

Sharon has been my go-to source for industrial hygiene services throughout my entire career. She possesses both technical and interpersonal skills and has a high level of integrity.
— Chad Pierce, Director Environmental, Health and Safety at Sub Zero Group Inc.