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Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) During Renovation & New Construction

Maintain scrupulous ICRA standards throughout your project.

While ICRA is traditionally utilized by healthcare to protect patients from Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), Bessa expands this service to biotechnology construction projects where staff and product protection are mission critical. Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with the largest healthcare systems and biotech firms in our service area, and we are the experts-of-choice for remediation or construction companies focused on meeting project schedules without releasing harmful contaminants or disrupting daily operations.

For each project, we develop the ICRA – a document that describes the construction activity; characterizes the associated risks for staff, patient or products; and defines the practices necessary to mitigate risk.

ICRA for Renovation/Remediation Services

For renovation or remediation in occupied facilities, Bessa protects your interests by providing third party oversight during construction. In healthcare facilities, we can assist the Infection Preventionist in developing the ICRA, or fulfill that role for biotechnology companies that do not have an IP specialist on staff. In either case, we can:

  • develop remediation protocols;

  • design the containment in coordination with the facility and the remediation contractor;

  • train remediation or construction personnel;

  • measure air quality pre- and post-construction to ensure that areas outside the construction site are not adversely affected;

  • make periodic site visits to visually inspect the construction space to confirm negative pressure in the containment; and

  • conduct final clearance samples before reconstruction begins and prior to removing containment.

We are sensitive to critical timetables and strive to minimize staff inconvenience and delays without sacrificing safety. In addition, our relationships with accredited laboratories enable us to provide rapid turn-around of sample results.

Many clients also contract with us to develop a written policy and procedure for response to water intrusion and mold remediation. This important advance planning prepares staff to respond;  a written plan can help you avoid surprises and prepare your staff to take appropriate action.

ICRA for New Construction

By involving Bessa throughout construction – from early in the design phase to final walk-through – healthcare organizations and biotech companies can prevent problems and assure optimal building performance afterward. This service is often part of the commissioning process. When you engage Bessa to oversee new construction, we will:

  • review design and construction documents to identify infection risks;

  • develop your project’s ICRA;

  • train project managers on ICRA; and

  • conduct walk-through inspections during construction

Throughout your project, Bessa will serve as your expert advocate – ever watchful that all aspects of your ICRA are fulfilled to ensure that your project is safe and successful. To discuss your project or learn more about our services, please send us message or call 608-831-8004.