Bessa Workplace Health and Safety



Protection for Your Construction Project.

Whether you’re a business owner, construction company or engineering firm, Bessa’s proactive and systematic construction oversight will help protect your building from costly and disruptive failures. With 30+ years of expertise in biotechnology, pharmaceutical production, healthcare and manufacturing facilities, we are experts in identifying deficiencies and potential risks, and solving challenging problems.

Through regular and rigorous site visits, Bessa prevents difficulties by catching issues early on. For example, we can provide guidance to builders to prevent debris contamination of duct work and monitor relative humidity during the final stages of construction to avoid mold problems. We’re also able to head off issues like phthalate degradation in carpeting due to exposure to excessive moisture.

For each site visit, Bessa provides a comprehensive assessment report that includes corrective actions to achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate failures and optimize productivity – all aligned with your business strategy and budget.

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring for Construction Workers

Exposure to chemicals and other hazards in construction is intermittent, highly variable and challenging to measure accurately. With Bessa’s broad experience with construction projects across many industries, we are able to help you run a safe, efficient job site that protects your workers and keeps you in compliance with OSHA.

We have expertise in exposure monitoring and control for numerous substances, including:

  • Silica

  • Isocyanates

  • Welding fumes

  • Organic solvents

We are also equipped to help you develop programs for:

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Hearing Conservation

  • Temperature Extremes

You can rely on Bessa to provide expert guidance to protect your building project and your people. Call us at 608-831-8004 or send us a message to learn how we can help.