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Pre-Purchase Risk Assessments

Purchase the asset – not the risk.

When you’re acquiring commercial real estate or a production facility, you may be getting more than you bargained for – in the form of indoor air quality problems, mold infestation, workers’ compensation risks and more. A Pre-Purchase Risk assessment by Bessa will give you peace of mind that your new acquisition has a “clean bill of health” – or alert you to hidden health and safety hazards that can endanger your people, compromise production capabilities and require costly resolution.

Bessa’s broad experience equips us to evaluate commercial facilities of virtually any kind, including industrial, medical, laboratory and manufacturing. (Sorry, we don’t do residential properties.) Our qualitative industrial hygiene audits find problems the average inspector overlooks, from discovering mold in air conditioning systems to OSHA violations on an assembly line.

We also partner with the area’s leading environmental inspection firms to provide you with environmental liability risk assessment of known, potential and contingent environmental liabilities and obligations associated with a parcel of property to be acquired. 

The results of Bessa’s Pre-Purchase Assessments are as varied as the properties being evaluated. This due diligence is critical to understanding the value of the asset. In many cases, the new owner can be held liable for remediation costs, regardless of fault.

Before you make a substantial investment, call on Bessa’s expertise to help ensure that you purchase the asset – not the risk. Send us a message or call 608-831-8004.

Our expertise and our services are for the purchase of commercial enterprises only.