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Inspiring workers to become invested in their own safety.

An ergonomic program is only as effective as workers’ willingness to follow its guidance. That’s why Bessa involves workers in every step of the process – to understand each task, adjust the environment and equipment and train employees in body-protective skills they’ll readily accept and consistently use. The result is a safer, more comfortable work environment that helps reduce stress, fatigue and injury.

Training That Workers Remember and Apply

Bessa combines medical expertise and experience across many industries with a cooperative, problem-solving mindset to create safer workplaces. Our ergonomic services begin with a detailed assessment of the job task or tasks that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Using scientific tools such as the Revised National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lifting Equation and other calculators and indexes, we identify and quantify root causes and then team up with your employees, supervisors, designers and engineers to develop workable solutions.

Next, Bessa creates a training program for employees, customized to your facility and the evaluated job tasks. The training includes an engaging and memorable experience using models of the back and extremities to demonstrate how the musculoskeletal system functions normally and when damage occurs. This visual learning helps employees fully understand the painful consequences of improper body mechanics.

Workers are encouraged – and are usually eager – to share their own experience with MSDs to personalize the training and promote awareness of MSD risks. The training concludes with hands-on injury prevention training using workstations or tools found in your facility.

Build Your Own Team of In-House Experts

Bessa can train your employees to perform in-house assessments of office workstations or assembly operations, so your company can easily on-board new employees and address concerns.

Our goal is to leave you with a set of tools or assessment strategies to identify problematic job tasks or work station design and make changes before ergonomic problems begin.

We educate, adjust workstations and recommend ergonomic improvements to reduce injury risk and improve employee comfort. Our training techniques equip employees with proven injury-prevention skills and motivate workers to use due care on the job.

Bessa’s ergonomic specialties include upper extremity evaluations and proper lifting techniques in:

  • offices

  • laboratories

  • assembly operations

Whether you need to solve a specific injury issue or establish a company-wide ergonomics program, Bessa can help. Send us a message or call 608-831-8004 to learn more.