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OSHA Complaint Response

OSHA Complaint Response

Expert Guidance from Pros that Know OSHA from the Inside Out.

An employee complaint to OSHA has the potential to open up your entire facility to inspections, citations and steep fines. Knowing how to respond to OSHA can make all the difference between a rapid, affordable resolution or a costly – even devastating – outcome.

Bessa can show you how to navigate a complaint because we know OSHA from the inside out. Our founder worked for OSHA, so we’re intimately familiar with the process, actions and language needed to meet the agency’s requirements.

When you’re notified of a complaint, you can call on us to conduct an assessment and produce an evaluation designed to satisfy OSHA, with the goal of avoiding an onsite inspection or citation. We’ll also prepare you for an inspection by:

  • helping you to identify and rectify violations

  • coaching you on communicating with OSHA, and

  • guiding you in managing the scope of OSHA’s scrutiny

When an inspection includes OSHA sampling, Bessa can do side-by-side sampling to validate OSHA’s findings and ensure that appropriate industrial hygiene practices are followed.

If a citation is issued, Bessa continues to work on your behalf for a favorable resolution. We’ll instruct you on how to prepare for the OSHA Informal Conference, and we’ll attend the conference with you. In many instances, Bessa has succeed in getting citations dismissed or altered, resulting in substantial savings for our clients.

Naturally, the best time to connect with us is before a complaint occurs, but even in instances where a complaint has been filed, Bessa has a long track record of improving the outcome for our clients.

To learn more about how Bessa can help your company successfully address OSHA complaints, connect with us here or call 608-831-8004.