Bessa Workplace Health and Safety

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing firms are unique in that you must protect your products as well as your employees.

Bessa is experienced in all aspects of achieving and maintaining clean, safe facilities and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that support efficient production. We bring to every project a long history working with biotechnology laboratories and production facilities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers of potent compounds, and animal research facilities.

Industrial Hygiene

Many biotech companies consider Bessa their de facto health and safety department. Others partner us with their in-house experts to train staff, evaluate the risks of introducing new processes and chemicals into the workplace, address exposures, comply with regulatory requirements, and establish proactive plans to prevent future liabilities.

In addition, our extensive OSHA background makes Bessa the best choice for businesses as they prepare for inspection, respond to a citation, or contend with an OSHA complaint. With our help, many businesses have avoided citations or dramatically reduced fines while improving the health and safety of their employees.

Construction and Renovation Oversight

It’s especially critical for companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors to take preventive measures during construction and renovation projects, when facilities are vulnerable to contamination from construction debris as well as soil, mold and other naturally occurring infiltrates. Bessa’s oversight protects your interests starting with groundbreaking through move-in, addressing every issue from verifying the cleanliness of ventilation ductwork to ensuring that water-damaged building materials are properly dried or removed to prevent future mold problems.

Recovery and Remediation

Bessa is also the biotech and pharmaceutical sector’s go-to resource when problems occur – to guide your company through any issue from flood recovery and mold remediation to surrogate testing in new facilities. In 30+ years of serving these exacting and highly technical industries, Bessa has seen and solved virtually every problem imaginable – and we can solve yours, too.

Safety Services

Many start-up companies are far too busy launching their new enterprise to worry about complying with OSHA, developing safe work practices and picking the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In these situations, Bessa will fulfill the role of Safety Officer to ensure your business meets all the standards for safe, compliant operation.

Our Services for the Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry include:

  • Exposure monitoring for process chemicals

  • Exposure assessment for active pharmaceutical ingredients

  • Surrogate testing of new equipment

  • Personal protective equipment hazard assessments

  • Exposure prevention and control of bloodborne pathogens and other biohazards

  • Particle count strategies and training

  • Contamination risk assessment, prevention and control for new construction and commissioning

  • Water response and mold remediation oversight

  • Safety program development

  • Safety audits and gap analysis

  • Safety training for staff

To learn more about our services and how we can tailor our capabilities to your site and situation, send us a message or call 608-831-8004.