Bessa Workplace Health and Safety

Expert Witness & Workers' Comp Investigations

Expert Witness &
Workers’ Comp Investigations

Build Your Strongest Case with Scientific Evidence and Experienced Opinions.

When you’re in a legal dispute, Bessa’s rare combination of medical expertise and knowledge of the healthcare, biotech, manufacturing and construction industries equips us to handle complicated and highly technical disputes. At the same time, our background in training and education ensures that our testimony is understood and accepted by judges and jurors.

Over the past 30 years, we have successfully presented testimony on behalf of our clients in cases involving:

  • chemical exposures

  • mold growth in buildings

  • noise

  • carbon monoxide

  • dust

We have investigated workers’ compensation claims regarding:

  • multiple chemical sensitivity

  • dermatitis

  • Legionella pneumonia

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Histoplasma infection

Law firms, employers and third-party defendants call on us for a variety of services, from quantitative assessments of the work environment to rendering expert opinions on hazards associated with the workplace.

We’re also able to help attorneys and plaintiffs evaluate injury and illness claims to determine if a case is worth pursuing. Often, Bessa is able to identify overlooked evidence or conduct scientific testing that transforms a marginal case into a viable one.

If you’re facing litigation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re often able to determine in a single phone call whether our services can strengthen your case and help you prevail. Send us a message or call 608-831-8004.