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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

There are only two kinds of Indoor Air Quality investigations – the short ones and the long ones.

The short ones are just that – over and done with minimal disruption. The long ones can drag on for years. Bessa’s goal is to make your IAQ investigation a short one – or, if you’re in a more complex situation – to reach a rapid resolution without litigation or attention from the media.

“The air in here makes my eyes burn. The problem goes away when I get home.”

“There is a toxic chemical odor in my cube area.”

“I see black stuff coming out of the air vents. I think the ducts need to be cleaned.”

“After our meeting in the lower level yesterday, 8 of 9 people had headaches and nausea.”

These issues and countless more make building occupants concerned about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in their work environment. It is often extremely challenging to find the root cause of these concerns when building occupants typically report common symptoms like headache or eye irritation that could have any number of causes, or be entirely unrelated to IAQ!

With 30+ years of medical experience and industrial hygiene expertise, Bessa balances human concerns with science to resolve complex IAQ issues. We begin by collecting information about symptoms or concerns in the building, and then systematically investigate for causes.

We use our Safe Building Benchmarks to compare your building to what is considered acceptable and typical. Throughout the process, we are guided by our knowledge of how the human body reacts to allergens, chemicals, biological hazards and infectious agents. And we use knowledge gained through decades of work in healthcare, biotechnology, laboratories and industrial manufacturing to detect obscure and complex problems that others fail to find.


LEED and WELL certification requires using low VOC materials and then flushing the building or taking air samples to document compliance before occupancy. Bessa can help you meet certification benchmarks throughout the construction process through activities such as helping you and your building contractor select suitable materials. We also conduct the air sampling required for certification, although we recommend flushing the building prior to air sampling to gain higher air quality. We encourage you to contact us during the planning stages of your building, so we can help you satisfy LEED and WELL and ensure that your building is safe for occupancy.


  • Response to employee concerns

  • Response to OSHA complaints

  • LEED and WELL certification

  • Odor investigation

  • Water response and mold remediation oversight

Whether you need guidance with a proactive Indoor Air Quality program or achieving LEED certification, you can trust Bessa to provide time-sensitive assessments and guidance. Send us a message or call 608-831-8004 to learn more.

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