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Safety Services

Safety Services

Our business is protecting yours.

An effective safety program relies on an in-depth understanding of the operations and interactions throughout your organization. Bessa builds long-term, collaborative relationships with clients to create a proactive, safety-minded culture built on years of experience, operational excellence and responsiveness. Our approach consistently exceeds all regulatory and industry compliance standards while supporting the performance and efficiency of your business.

For many clients, we fulfill the role of on-site safety manager, providing monthly safety training as well as quarterly or annual audits that note positive findings as well as areas in need of improvement. Our familiarity with your plant enables us to alert you to new issues relevant to your facility and provide telephone or email assistance at no additional charge. An ongoing relationship gives us the ability to more effectively assist you with an OSHA complaint or citation.

Bessa’s Safety Services include:

Safety Audits. Bessa’s safety audits range from the basic OSHA walk-through compliance audit to more complex gap analysis for safety program components to an analysis of safety management systems. Our confidential audit findings document positive items, identify areas in need of improvement and recommend corrective actions.

Site-specific Safety Programs. We can help you with OSHA-required programs from initial development to implementation, training and maintenance. We have expertise in the full scope of safety programs, from emergency response to respiratory protection.

Safety Program Administration and Management. Safety programs work best when employees are actively involved. We’ll work with you to expand the positive impact of your Safety Committee, increase the effectiveness of incident investigation and utilize Job Safety Analysis to identify hazards before an incident occurs.

Download our PDF brochure to learn about the full scope of our Safety Services.

Whether you need help meeting OSHA VPP requirements, running gap analysis to address recurring incidents or developing a new safety manual, send us a message or call 608-831-8004 to discuss how we can tailor a program for your company.